Kelley's Exclusive Child Care 


Your Customized Child Care Solution

All parents agree on one thing! They want the absolute best care for their child but not everyone agrees with what that care should actually look like.

There is nothing more sensitive than caring for someone's newborn baby. Every child is unique, a "one of a kind" creation and that is exactly why we believe that a more personalized approach along with good communication results to happier babies and parents.

Kelley’s Exclusive Child Care recognizes that each child deserves individualized quality care. We take pride in adapting to meet the needs of your family individually. KECC knows that each child and their family is distinct and what might work for one family may not work for the other. Customizing your child's care based on your preference allows us to offer your child the best care possible while you are away. Leaving your precious loved one in someones else's care can be difficult. This is why Kelley's Exclusive Child Care favors an open door policy. Providing an open door policy allows you to "pop in" for a visit at any given time. We also have a private space available for you to nurse, bottle feed or simply bond with your little one. We understand that trust is built through forming a relationship and encourage you to call throughout the day. KECC has always exceeded state guidelines by offering lower ratios. Having a 3:1 ratio with our infants and a 4:1 ratio with our toddler and preschoolers truly allows our teachers time to spend nurturing your child and meeting their needs individually. 

As a mom my myself, I truly understand a lot of the feelings that you may be having. Whether you are reentering the workforce or even returning to a job that you absolutely love it can feel almost overwhelming! This is normal! Remember, it is a process and we are here to help you every step of the way. We create partnerships with our families by having open dialogue. The needs of your child and family are our top priority and we want you to feel involved and free to share your thoughts and requests.  Our goal is to make this transition easier for you and we believe that starts with your peace of mind! - Shannon Hege (Owner)

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